Cefetra BeNeLux

The Rotterdam-based supply chain company Cefetra is one of the largest grain importers in Europe and delivers raw materials to the animal feed, food and fuel industries. The Dutch company’s origins are, similar to BayWa’s, in the cooperative commodities brokerage of agricultural products.

Today, the supply of the animal feed industry makes up approximately 90% of the commercial business. However, revenues in the food and fuel industries are constantly increasing. Every year, about 13 million tonnes are traded. Cefetra has been a full subsidiary of BayWa AG since 2012.

Cefetra markets the following raw materials:

Grain: wheat, barley, corn, rye, triticale, oats & peas
Proteins:Soya (bean)meal, sunflower (bean)meal and rape (seed)meal
By-products:Wheatbran, palmkernel expellers, surgatbeet pulp, citrus pulp and soyahulls

Managing Director:
Ted Swinkels and Jean-Louis Maertens

Postal address

Cefetra B.V.
Postbus 113
3000 AC Rotterdam
The Netherlands

P:+31(0)10 4007 900
F: +31(0)10 2018 000
E: cefetra@cefetra.nl

Visitors address:
Boompjes 40
3011 XB Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Managing Director:
Karst Vellinga

Postal address:
Cefetra Feed Services B.V.
Postbus 113
3000 AC Rotterdam
The Netherlands


P:+31(0)10 4007 900
F: +31(0)10 2018 000
E: cefetra@cefetra.nl

Visitors address:
Boompjes 40
3011 XB Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Cefetra Feed Service

Cefetra Feed Service B.V. offers its customers much expertise and excellent logistical possibilities in the field of small commodities and niche products such as calcium carbonate, salt, feed phosphates, vegetable oils and fats, milling by-products and high quality proteins. Furthermore Cefetra Feed Service markets bypass proteins for NuScience Group under the trade name MervoBest. In the supply chain from producer to customer, Cefetra Feed Service oversees matters as quality, market information, and logistical coordination.

Cefetra Feed Service accommodates the quality and the sustainability department for the complete Cefetra group. Changing markets combined with increasing risks of new and unusual product flows require clear procedures, available for all employees within Cefetra. Education, transfer of knowledge and companywide supply of up-to-date information strengthens the quality assurance and increases the transparency of the entire chain.

Cefetra Ltd

Cefetra Ltd. formerly known as McCorkell (Scotland) Ltd. was acquired by Cefetra in 1999. The company is a major importer of grains and animal feed raw materials into the UK and Ireland. Cefetra Ltd has long-term arrangements with import facilities at strategic locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The main office in Glasgow accommodates the Scotland and England markets and also houses the accounting and administrative functions. In addition, Cefetra Ltd. has a satellite offices in Newry, covering Northern and Southern Ireland and several other offices located throughout England for domestic grain buying. Each week, between 85,000 and 90,000 tons of raw materials are loaded and dispatched on to 550 to 600 trucks per day.

Thanks to tailor-made supplies and objective market analyses, and based on the tried and trusted Cefetra policy (quality, food safety, sustainability, traceability), the company is creating added value for its customers. Cefetra Ltd. is GMP+FSA certified.

Managing Director:
Andrew Mackay

Main office
The Lightyear Building
Glasgow Airport Business Park
P: +44 (0) 1414455721
F: +44 (0) 1414455723
E: cefetra@cefetra.co.uk

Unit 3 Monaghan Court Business Park
Monaghan Street
Newry BT35 6BH
Northern Ireland
P: +44 (0) 2830260074
F: +44 (0) 2830835524
E: ireland@cefetra.co.uk

Managing Director:
Andrew Probert

Premium Crops
Whitedale Farm
East Street

T: (+44) (0) 23 9263 2883

Premium Crops

Premium Crops is the UK’s leading speciality crop contracting and supply business, presenting UK farmers with premium and niche market cropping opportunities, such as High Erucic Acid Rapeseed (HEAR), Linseed, Canary seed and Naked oats. These crops are contracted with leading European customers who rely on sustainable, traceable, long-term and risk managed supply chains.

Premium Crops fulfils its customers’ requirements by selling farmers their planting seed, supplying a buy-back contract and the technical know-how to best-grow the crop. It then organizes the logistics from farm to end-user.

The business holds many exclusive crop product supply and seed licensing agreements and works with over 800 farmers across the UK, providing value added alternatives to the more traditional arable crops that are grown.

Premium Crops has a full trials and evaluation ability for new varieties and crop opportunities.

Cefetra Polska

Cefetra Polska was founded in May 2004 when Poland joined the EU. The company is located in Gdynia near Gdansk. The main activities of Cefetra Polska are importing soymeal and other raw materials to the feed industry, and to originate grains to the feed and milling industry in Europe. Along with that the company trades on the domestic market with both feed and milling industry. Due to years of experience, the staff has a well-developed network on the Polish market.

Cefetra Polska is focused on adding value for its customers by delivering raw materials and/or tailored services at a competitive price, with the following distinguishing elements: quality, logistics, information, consistency and transparency.

Cefetra Polska is GMP Plus B2 certified.

Managing Director:
Tomasz Pasalski

Cefetra Polska Sp. z o.o
Ul. 10 Lutego 16
81-364 Gdynia

P: +48 (0)58 782 04 50
F: +48 (0)58 781 97 84
E: info@cefetra.pl

Managing Director:
Andrea Galli

Cefetra SpA – Rome office
Via Mercalli 21
00197 Rome

Ravenna office
Via Mazzini 44
48121 Ravenna

P: +39 06 8921 9800/01
F: +39 06 9821 9850/51
E: cefetra@cefetra.it

P: +39 (0) 544 169 6464

Cefetra SpA

Cefetra Italy’s distribution system in Southern Europe is one of the most efficient networks serving Italy, countries in the Mediterranean basin and Black Sea.

Cefetra Spa represents a bridge between the producers of agricultural commodities in the origin countries and the world of the end consumers in the destination markets. Taylor made service is provided by shipping by sea agricultural products of segregated qualities to the ports at destination in the Mediterranean market.

The consolidated relationship with the largest feed producers at destination is making of Cefetra Spa a unique example of integrated service provider. The business is therefore also build on logistic efficiency, creativity, expertise of the end consumers need, close relationship with consumers and producers and good market insights.

Cefetra Ibérica

Cefetra Ibérica, S.L started its operations in January 2015, with the goal of being the reference player in the supply and distribution of agro raw materials in Iberia.

Cefetra Ibérica seeks to deliver the best service to customers and works to optimize their supply chain, providing a competitive advantage to the food and feed industries of Spain and Portugal. They supply imported goods in the different ports along the Iberian Peninsula, as well as domestic grains originated inland.

Managing Director:
Daniel Martinez

Cefetra Ibérica, S.L.
Avda. de Europa nº 19,
Edif. II- 2º A.
28224 Pozuelo de Alarcon

P: +34 (0) 911 9288 00
F: +34 (0) 914 8981 93
E: admin@cefetra.es

Managing Directors:
Mark Weverink, Robert Groot, Remco de Boer, Jan Meijer

Royal Ingredients Group
Noorderstraat 1C
1823 CS Alkmaar
The Netherlands

Royal Ingredients Group

Royal Ingredients Group is a global supplier of raw materials for food and non-food applications. We market starches, proteins, fibers, quinoa, chia seeds and more. Our ingredients are distributed around the world and our Royal Lion brand quality ingredients can be found inside many food, feed and paper manufacturing plants. Operating from our head-office in The Netherlands and with sales offices in the USA, China, India and Nigeria, we provide our customers timely, consistent and reliable supplies with an efficient service.

Tracomex Group

Tracomex group exists out of Tracomex, Thenergy, Riveka and BioCore.

Tracomex is an international trading company with more than 100 years of experience in the trade of agricultural raw materials destined for human consumption, the feed and pet food industry. It trades over 50 different products.

Thenergy is an international trading company aimed at optimizing the value of by-products and ‘non-conforming’ product no longer suitable to be used as an ingredient in food or feed. Thenergy is active in the supply of goods to bio-energy production (biogas), goods for nutrient recovery though use in fertilizers or compost and the supply of goods for use in renewable chemicals and building materials.

BioCore is an international trading company with more than 25 years of experience in the trade of organic agricultural raw materials, which are for human consumption and the feed industry. The nature of the organic trade demands a solid track and trace system. BioCore works in close cooperation with many organic farms and collectors. Through the office in Ukraine there is direct access to the Ukrainian organic market, which is an important source for the raw materials. BioCore sources most of the organic raw materials from: Ukraine, Russia, Rumania, Baltics, Spain and Poland.

Riveka is a trading company based in Belgium. Its focus lies on niche co-products from the milling-, malting-, and rice Industry. These products are intended for the compound feed industry, pet food producers and biogas installations. Active in the Benelux, France, the UK and Germany. Riveka is expanding its activities in synergy with the Tracomex and Cefetra portfolio. Support and service are the key elements in the relationship with its customers.

Tracomex is based in the Netherlands and has an extensive national and international network with subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Ukraine. Thenergy and BioCore are located in The Netherlands where Riveka operates from Belgium.

Managing Director:
Jan Willem Baas

Tracomex B.V.
Bouwlingplein 34
4901 KZ Oosterhout
Nederland Nederland

T +31 (0) 162 43 78 00
F +31 (0) 162 43 78 88



BioCore B.V.
Nesland 5M
1382 MZ Weesp

T (+31) (0) 294 805 000
F (+31) (0) 294 805 010


Thenergy B.V.
P.O.box 319
4900 AH Oosterhout
The Netherlands

T +31 (0) 162 43 78 00
F +31 (0) 162 43 78 88


Riveka B.V.B.A.
Scherpenhoek 10
B – 2850 BOOM

T +32 3 502 19 00

Managing Director:
Anurag Bhargava

Sedaco DMCC
Unit 1404, Tiffany Towers,
Cluster W, Jumeirah Lake Towers,


T +971 4 551 5624
T +971 4 551 5625
E hello@sedacogroup.com

Sedaco DMCC

Sedaco specializes in superior quality African pulses, oilseeds, nuts and spices to global customers in the food industry. Headquartered in Dubai, the company has subsidiaries in Nigeria and Tanzania and has longstanding supply relationships in Mozambique, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Ethiopia, Malawi, Benin, Burkina, Kenya, and other African countries.

Origination is at farm gate ensuring quality and best trading practices throughout the supply chain. Sedaco believes in supporting rural economies and working closely with the producers.

The Sedaco team takes pride in their deep knowledge of products and logistics. The team has proven track record of providing best value to the farmer and the customer.

Suppliers and customers have a reliable partner in Sedaco. Backed by the resources and expertise of a globally active, leading European agricultural enterprise, committed to sustainability, quality control and ethical business practices.

Cefetra Dairy

Cefetra Dairy is a specialized trading company that sources main dairy commodities in the EU, Oceania and the Americas. From a variety of cheeses, to butter and milk powder and whey powder solutions. 

With excellent logistics and product knowledge we sell the products across the globe to industrial customers, foodservice and retail. Key regions, besides the homebase in the EU, are the Middle-East, North Africa and South-East Asia. 

Cefetra Dairy markets the following materials:​

Cheese: Cheddar, mozzarella, gouda, edam, cagliata, emmental
Butter: Lactic & sweet cream butter, whey butter, AMF andbutter oil
Powder: Skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, whey powder, concentrates, lactose and permeate
Alternatives: Wide variety of dairy protein alternatives via Cefetra sister companies

Managing Director:
Peter ten Kate

Cefetra Dairy B.V.
Helftheuvelweg 11
5222 AV  ‘s Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands


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