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Quality and food safety are non-negotiable for us. But we also take our responsibility when it comes to sustainability. We aim to establish maximum integrity of our supply chain and to guarantee sustainable raw material flows.

We are a member of:

  • the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil
  • the Round Table on Responsible Soy
  • the newly formed UK Round Table

Via these platforms, producers, trade organisations, customers and non-governmental organisations work together to develop sustainability criteria for the production of palm and soy products.

We started the responsible soy program

This program promotes the importance and opportunities of certified responsible soy in the supply chain. This gives us the opportunity to create awareness, select the right partners and organize sustainable chains.

Some examples of our responsible soy program

In 2006 we organized the first shipment of certified responsible soya into Europe, together with Dutch cooperative Campina.
In the years after that, we became the key partner for different initiatives, such as the Dutch Foundation for Responsible Soy Chain Transition.
We started the Certified Responsible Soy standard, together with Control Union. This is a zero-deforestation and zero-conversion standard.

More than just soy

Our knowledge of certified flows can also be of great value for the development of other raw materials. Therefore we are investigating the opportunities of a similar program for other feed raw materials. For example, certified responsible palm kernel expellers.

But not without our partners!

Of course, the involvement of our partners is crucial in this process. Therefore, we support our partners to endorse our initiative to establish the maximum integrity of the supply chain and to safeguard sustainable raw material flows.


In collaboration with the parent company BayWa A.G., we are working towards a climate-neutral way of working by 2030. As a step in that process, the offices and storages of Cefetra Group in Europe will run entirely on renewable energy by 2020. For more information about BayWa A.G.’s climate strategy, be sure to take a look at this website.

taking care

Corporate social responsibility

We put a great deal of energy in quality and food safety. But we also act responsibly when it comes to sustainability.

We aim for maximum integrity of our supply chain. We aim to guarantee sustainable raw material flows. We make sure that raw materials are cultivated and processed under ecologically sound and socially responsible conditions. We keep a strong balance between people, planet and profit. Examples are Certified Responsible Soy, Rotterdam Social Project, Sustainability Standards and MoSagri.
At Cefetra we aim to be pioneers, not only in the quality of our sustainable product offering, but also in the transparency of our reporting where our products originate. Click here to see background information, which details the countries and sub-regions from where our soya is originated.